I really enjoyed the spring 2014 issue.

Thank you!  Glad you were well-pleased with it.

Spring Submissions 2014 Closed

Last night the submission period for Issue 5 closed.  Thank you to all who submitted!  

We will be taking a hiatus from the Episodes series while we prepare for the final edits and release of the spring issue.  Submissions may continue to come in for those through this blog, however they will not be addressed until mid-April at the earliest.  

For more info visit our website.

Hello hello, tomorrow is March 15th, the deadline for submitting to our fifth issue, the “No Theme” issue. You have nothing to lose and the world to gain! Okay, maybe not “the world.” But you could still be published amongst other talented artists in a beautifully e-bound magazine. Submit!

Submissions will be received until 11:59 p.m. EST tomorrow!

life blurred by, carrying me in a bus,
humming along in early morning hours,
where i saw the sun rising.

trees almost fell on top of me,
glistening in the sun,
swaying from its beauty,
and catching itself in the rain drops.

life blurred by, carrying me in a bus,
silently swimming on the blacktop roads,
with stars glimmering way up high.

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A single glimpse of a wildflower field sitting beside your house. Is it out of place? Standing alone, looking pretty and significant yet unnoticed, and noticed occasionally. That flower you see year after year, coming back from under heavy winter and finding enough life within it to grow. That flower is most at home in a field with others just like it, who are colorful and strong and longing to be collected.

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"each day proves to us that we can be made new––
from the sun lifting its hands over the horizon sharing its light to the blankets of shadows it pulls over us every evening and each day again”

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Hello! Just a quick question: I normally put a copyright symbol at the end of every document. Do I put it for the portfolio for 'Episodic Spring 2014: No Theme' or will that create copyright infringement problems?

Hello to you, too!  We won’t put a copyright symbol with any pieces in the magazine, so having it in your submission is really neither here nor there.  At the front of every issue we have a copyright statement that rights are reserved to the artists.  In our FAQ we also address this, stating that we hold first publication rights only, meaning that if your piece is submitted and accepted elsewhere (you can do that if another publication allows it) that it should be mentioned somewhere there that we published that piece first.  Hopefully I explained that clearly enough. 

Main thing is, you don’t need to worry about clarifying that you retain the rights to your pieces.  We already recognize and communicate that.


I wandered in between the twists and turns of tree limbs, limbs and  branches stretched out towards the skies. Roots and leaves took the place of a well-built wooden bridge. Sunlight poured down as two lovers laughed and held hands below its reach. There was no compass, just an old map to follow. Colors changing on leaves made me feel like I could change too. I could walk into a new season just from following one end of the woods to the other. After drinking everything in–from blue skies to gray clouds to green abundance to bare limbs–I was made new.

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